Daily Archives: June 6, 2002

Have you ever seen the rain?

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More rain. Enough already. I’ve been a schlub about running this year, only getting out twice a week or so, and rain every morning isn’t helping.
Another night of scanning old photos. Found some very nice pictures of my wife from college, very modelly. A world away. I look at some of these pictures and I’m so thankful that I was so clueless about what things I would have to face in the future, the challenges and the difficulties. If you knew what was coming, I don’t know how you’d ever proceed. The uncertainty, losing jobs, changing careers, going back to school, changing cities . . . it all looks so daunting from a distance. But we forge on, because really we only get to look at it a day at a time, and we just deal with what’s in front of us.
Also found lots of pictures of the girls, some of Hannah as a toddler that I didn’t remember. These pictures are all in their little folders, not in a scrapbook or anything, so most of them I haven’t seen since they were taken. I sometimes beat myself up for not taking enough pictures of their childhood, but I’ve got three or four thousand-photo boxes that say differently. Now I’ve gone digital, so soon there’ll be CDs scattered all over the place. I need a hard drive the size of the moon, so I can just put all my pictures and all my music on it. Then another one to back it all up.
I’ve got the itch to see Spider-man again. Wonder if there’s babysitting available?