Daily Archives: August 12, 2002

Too much and too little weekend

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Actually, the entire last week was crazy hectic, just on the personal side. A rare week without a trip to NYC, but I made up for that with all the running around I had to do. Wednesday night Cracker was playing, free, at the Plaza, and we even had babysitting. But nothing is simple, and I had some work to do up there after work and before the show, so I changed at work and left my car here, and then rode home with Lee in her car. Cracker was enjoyable . . . we did not join the masses who seemed to think there was a very special “Matlock” on and starting filing out during the last couple of songs, pre-encore, but we did get out of Dodge as quick as possible once the show was over to beat the drunks to the streets. When you don’t drink and don’t smoke, and you hang mostly with people who don’t drink and don’t smoke, it’s easy to forget that many, many people think the entire point to a summer evening is to smoke like chimneys and drink like fish, and then get into their cars and kill somebody.
Of course, that meant that my car was at work, so I biked to work in the morning, 3.7 miles mostly downhill; having run 6 miles already that morning, the part that wasn’t “mostly” put a little burn in my thighs, and I got to do it twice, having forgotten my pager and phone at home. At the end of the day I did a quick little 4-mile spin on the Corning and went home. Then on Friday there was a picnic way out at Grafton, so drove out there and spent the afternoon hiding from the sun, though it was a lovely afternoon. Saturday morning, so fearful was I of the crowds expected for the opening of the Hudson River Way, I drove the truck down to a prime position in our parking garage and positioned it for perfect viewing of the fireworks that would come. Then ran back home (3.7 miles, every speck of which was uphill as far as I could tell), hung around the house all morning and dragged the kids around Albany all afternoon. Turned out that not only was parking in our garage not a problem, but I could have driven in at any time and gotten just about the same parking spot. Folks hadn’t doped it out. Anyway, that meant a car left behind again, so on Sunday afternoon, in 90 degree heat, I rode my bike back down the hill, then did another 9 miles on the path at a pretty aggressive pace, then drove home just in time to shower and get ready to go to a Valleycats game we had tickets for. We lasted 5 innings and then enough was enough. I got up to run this morning, but didn’t. I’m going on vacation later this week, which should really exhaust me.
Need rest….