Daily Archives: August 20, 2002

Vacation, had to get away

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Semi-obscure reference to the Go-Go’s aside, had a nice (although short) vacation. But hot. So hot. Really way too hot for tenting, which is what we were doing. It was 100 degrees on a bluff overlooking Lake Ontario, which is not a natural condition. So hot I tried to take a tip from The Disgruntled Housewife and buy a tent for the fan (we were camping among trailers, with electric hookups). But, alas, no fans to be had anywhere in the greater Watertown suburban strip hell. I feel better, because I would have forever felt guilty about having a fan in the tent. But I may have slept better.
The lake was warm, and the girls got to swim in the light waves and had a great time. We did the whole Thousand Islands thing — Clayton, Alexandria Bay, Boldt Castle, a ride in a runabout, etc. They were having Pirate Days in A. Bay, which I highly recommend. The kids had a great time fighting some pirates, looking at old weapons, watching a pirate magic show (which consisted of a pair of fairly funny magicians who had dressed appropriately and added a healthy smattering of “arrrhhh!” to their act). Rebekah learned to ride a two-wheeler (pretty much completely, too, from starting to stopping and everything in between), and she handed her fear of lightning over to her sister and now can’t wait to watch the next lightning storm with me. We mostly made our own meals (so I can pass on the peanut butter and cranberry sandwiches for a while), had ice cream every day, got in a couple hours of paddling, and had a nice time. It’s so beautiful up there. This state kicks your state’s ass!