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The essential problem of blogs

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and, the blood pressure of a teenage girl

Mainly, when I’m actually thinking of something worth writing down and putting out into the ether is NOT when I’m sitting at a computer. It’s in the shower, or doing dishes, great thoughts that I fail to put on a post-it and therefore never find their way into any of my various communications with the world and myself. Then I sit down at the blog and have nothing interesting to say.
Well, I turned 42, which surprised me. Well, I guess I’m not surprised anymore, but there certainly was a time when I didn’t expect to get here, figuring health or drinking or something like that would cut it short and sweet. But here I am, dry and happy, lo these many years, and healthier than I have ever been.
But I had a couple of spells of lightheadedness last week. I was absolutely certain it had something to do with some phenomenally hot habanero sauce I was sampling, but as the only reliably healthy person in the household, I had to make sure, so I went to the doc. My blood pressure is low, my resting pulse is low (55 at waking), and he watched my blood pressure fall twenty points as I stood up (that’s down into double digits on the topside), so he thought the extra dilation of the habaneros was indeed probably the cause. He said he mostly sees this in teenage girls, and that I essentially have the blood pressure of a teenage girl. Last year when I was having heel problems, he did an x-ray and told me I had the ankles of a 20-year-old. I wonder if he’s hitting on me?