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Top 10

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10. It’s Not About the Bike by Lance Armstrong. Because it’s not. It’s about riding the bike. Fast. And having a heart 1/3 larger than normal, a resting heart rate around 32, and a VO2 rate that’s off the charts.
9. Having the blood pressure of a teenage girl. And the ankles of a 20-year-old.
8. Ric Burns’ “New York” documentary. So many reasons to love that fascinating city.
7. Driving too fast with the moonroof open, blasting Joe Jackson’s “Look Sharp”.
6. Ben & Jerry’s World’s Best Chocolate Ice Cream.
5. Little girl kisses.
4. My Legendary Girlfriend by Mike Gayle. At least so far. Light, funny, a little bit British but not obnoxiously so.
3. Snapfish.com, which for some reason gave me a mess of 4×6 prints on my photo order absolutely free, and which provided a connection to a real greeting card printer for my Christmas cards, instead of just those one-sided photo prints. Christmas cards MUST fold, dammit!
2. The Ramones: Leave Home and End of the Century, both really amazingly remastered and with massive bonus tracks, live stuff from 1976. I haven’t really heard these songs other than on very worn TDK tape in a long long time. I have been an idiot.
1. The Larry Sanders Show on Bravo. I can’t believe I’ve had to wait this long to see this, but boy was it worth it. While they’re at it, couldn’t they bring back the old Garry Shandling Show? It was also brilliant.

Xmas is coming! Xmas is coming!

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And for once I’m well-situated. I finally found a copy of Marshall Crenshaw’s “Sock it to Me Santa (Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag)” at the end of the last Christmas season — I would swear I had a copy of it somewhere, and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Not on any tape, not on any CD, and yet I knew the song perfectly, so I MUST have owned it. Finally found a copy on a lame compilation disc with some Boyz II Men and Whitney Houston type stuff, but by then I was desperate and I got it used through Amazon, so w.t.f. And, drum roll please . . . I actually ordered my Christmas cards last night. I did NOT have Snapfish mail them for me, though there’s that option, too. Full fold photo cards so that I can write something (I usually do, which is why Christmas cards get out every other year). Should have them in a couple of weeks, maybe even start addressing and writing them this month.