Daily Archives: July 20, 2006

Now the Tour is killing me

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Unbelievable. A Tour that has had nine leaders. A Tour where a guy (Oscar Pereiro) can be 26 minutes behind and the peloton will let him go out on a crazy breakaway that ends up putting him up in the top. A Tour where Floyd had it all wrapped up — until yesterday, when he cracked and lost more than eight minutes to Pereiro. A Tour where Floyd, now in 11th place, sailed out on the first climb of the day, caught all the early breakaways and rode to a stage win that got back all but 30 seconds of his time. So now it’s down to tomorrow, a long flattish stage where the attacks will no doubt come fast and furious — if I were Discovery, I’d sure be looking at this last chance at a stage win — and the individual time trial on Saturday. Floyd came in second on the first time trial because of a bike change. So what will happen Saturday? Who’ll ride into Paris in yellow?

It’s killing me.