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Kirsten come home!

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All is forgiven. Seriously, where the hell is Kirsten Gum these days? After her disappearance from OLN TV, about the only reference I can find to her is this allegation that as a participant in a Primal Quest race, she may have used her panties as a water filter. And somebody’s squatting on her domain name. It’s not that I’m the biggest Kirsten Gum fan in the world, though I thought she was fine covering the Tour de France (mustn’t . . . start . . . anti-Trautwig . . . rant!). But every single day I get hits from desperate fans looking for Kirsten Gum (actually, more often, “kirsten gum killer rack”), and it seems like in the age of the internet even a minor figure from an obscure sports channel would have a greater presence on the web than just a snapshot flashing a peace sign.

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