Addicted to Stats

I really should have known better than to add website statistics to my genealogy pages and this blog. Now I’m addicted to checking the stats, seeing who is reading, where they were referred from (turns out listing with the Schenectady County History site was well worthwhile). If they came from a search engine, I can see the search terms. I already wrote about “wood rosin market”, but I’m still on my campaign to push up the site on that search term, so there is is again. Yesterday, I got a hit from “Larry Sanders Warren Zevon”, which was so curious I had to google it myself to see why someone would be searching for it. Turned out that Warren Zevon once did the Larry Sanders Show. Turned it that was the episode airing last night. So: serendipity! (He did “The French Inhaler,” followed by “Werewolves of London,” which caused John Ritter to be bumped from the show, which was cool by me.) Today’s search term: Elihu Bartlett. He opened a tavern in Jay, New York in 1820. Apparently someone wanted to know that. Apparently my website provided that someone with useful information. How often does that happen?

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