Allergies begone!

I am so sick of allergies. They seem to lessen a little bit every year, but not enough. Spent most of last week adding Sudafed to my regular scrip just so I could breathe, then took the weekend off, and this morning woke up to a crushing sinus headache. Did Benadryl (aka U-Sleep-Now) to see if it worked better for me. It did for a while, but I had to really fight to stay awake. Now, back to the ‘Fed. Just want to go home to bed right now. But I won’t. On top of the nose, (well, actually, to either side of it) my eyes are getting all red and pretty again, too, so I’m a real vision. It’s my only real health problem, so I’m not going to complain overmuch. Nowhere near as severe as they used to be, days and days of gasping for breath and praying for even a partially open nostril. Plus, they give me a nice warning these days, massive headache and a chocolate jones.
“Chocolate Jones” would make a good blaxpoitation movie title.

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