Am I getting enough glycerol ester of wood rosin?

Well, my Powerade has some, and if I’m getting any, I imagine I’m getting enough. Unfortunately, it doesn’t add enough to the flavor . . . this thing is weak!
Finally cooling down, and my stomach bug of this week is over, so now all I need to do is actually get my ass out of bed and I’ll be a runner again. Ran Albany at lunchtime, up to Washington Park and back down to the new Hudson River Way. Warmer than I would have thought since it was so overcast. I actually stopped in a little secret fountain at the Plaza and wet myself down a little. There was a farmer’s market at the Plaza, and I was dying for a peach, but I had no money with me. I actually cast my eyes about looking for someone I knew that I could cadge a buck from, but no luck. I normally don’t need money when I’m running, there’s nothing to buy out on the wilds of Best Road. (It leads to Best, but if you live here, you know that.)
The girls are at my mom’s for two nights. Actually, they turned into pirates on the way there, and attacked her with plastic swords, I’m told. When they’re too old for all this, I’m very much going to miss waking up to bunnies and kitties, pirates, clowns, ballerinas, and whatever else they think up to become. They dream it, they become it. (My whole problem with Halloween is I can’t think of anything I’d like to pretend to be . . . sign of contentment with self (no) or just pathetic indifference (probably)?) So, tonight, cultural hedonism in the form of a drive-in double feature of XXX and Blue Crush. I feel so dirty. I can’t wait.

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