Another one gone

440 Odd Fellows Hall 2

Apparently, this lovely, graceful building, formerly the Odd Fellows Hall on State Street in Schenectady, just a few steps from Proctor’s Theater, needs to come down. Not for structural reasons, but because a company wants a new building (and business downtown is a good thing), and they couldn’t work with this one. Is there any chance that what replaces it will ever be so lovely? No.

3 thoughts on “Another one gone


    Oops, just read your link and now see it is coming down. Too bad for downtown Schenectady.

  2. Carl

    Yes, unfortunately, the deed is done. I can’t fault the company or anyone else, it just seems that we’re tearing down the beautiful buildings of downtown Schenectady and replacing them with cheesy modern downtown econoboxes. So there are people working downtown but in a city that’s not the same.

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