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First The Glimmer Twins (“Bittersweet Symphony”), and now Nokie

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The only thing I learned from “Gun Shy,” which features 75% less Sandra Bullock than a normal Sandra Bullock movie (as measured using the MHSBM —- Mean High Sandra Bullock Mark) is that “Start the Commotion,” a song prominently featured being sung along to by hot chicks in Mitsubishi ads, cops a riff that, while not currently bringing any particular song to mind, is unquestionably sampled from a Mosrite guitar and therefore is credited to the individual members of The Ventures. The number of people who would read the credits at the end of a movie they weren’t that engaged in and recognize the Ventures by name is probably thinner than ever. Except in Japan.
Spider-man? As Lileks said: Best. Superhero. Movie. Ever.