Career opportunities

Okay, I’m torn on my next venture. So here’s option 1: Develop a business that converts any vehicle you like into an El Camino, the ultimate vehicle of sideburned guys named Earl. Think I’m nuts? Then you obviously haven’t delighted in the many, many Camino variations that have been displayed over at Jalopnik. But the real money is in the TV rights, so I sell it to TLC as a reality show in the vein of Monster Garage or American Chopper. Our show? “Camino Royale.” Can’t miss.

Okay, option 2: Also a reality show: Celebrity Runaway Truck Ramp. Each week, we put D-list celebrities in brakeless tractor trailers and film then careening down a mountain pass and coming to a halt in a runaway truck ramp.

Okay, maybe I’ve been driving the Vermont mountain roads too much. I’ll admit it.

One thought on “Career opportunities

  1. me!

    Very tough call there, Earl. Can the Caminos run on biodiesel? (l Gore might be about ready for one of those narrative host slots. I’m thinking you’ll want to hang back as Executive Producer on this one.On the other hand, the runaway truck idee has merit, too. Consider broadening its appeal by letting “audience winners” sit right next to the D-listers d-jour.Whooooeeee! That’s some fiine TV!(My back-up career plan is a communal goat farm. Don’t take my idea — or call me if you do…)

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