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Back in sunny, but frigid, Albany

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Air travel is completely not worth the time anymore. I don’t really enjoy opening my belt for someone who doesn’t have an “M.D.” after his name, and while the TSA folks are being much more professional and making it move as well as it can, and while as a flyer to National Airport I very much want them to be sure the plane is safe (especially these days), all the time and uncertainty and hassles it creates just are not worth it. Plus, I made it worse on myself intentionally because I didn’t want to take a direct puddle-jumper, and ended up going through Philly just so I could have jets. (Philly: Visitors are confused by the mustard.) So what used to take an hour and a half takes upwards of five hours, and that’s just too much. If we could just get regional jets here, my life would be so much improved.
Song of the day: Aimee Mann, “The Fall of the World’s Own Optimist” — “I could get back up if you insist / But you’ll have to ask politely”