Ran across this ad for Flavorland in a Schenectady Gazette from 1977.
Flavorland was pretty much the same as Friendly’s, slightly upgraded
diner food and an extensive ice cream menu. It must have been a chain or
franchise; I remember the one at Mayfair (or was it the neighboring
Willowbrook) on Route 50 in Glenville, one of the earliest of the
suburban strip plazas. But there were locations on Altamont Avenue, I
think on Nott Street, and probably a couple of other places. Whether it
was just regional or national, I haven’t learned, and I don’t know when
it died out, though it seems as if several of the locations became
Friendly’s. Don’t know much more about it, but seeing that old logo (which was exactly how their sign looked) brought me back.

2 thoughts on “Flavorland

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    I remember the Flavorland near Willowbrook Plaza in Glenville. It was perpendicular to the shopping center, which had Grant’s, Carls’ & Price Chopper then. Eventually Grant’s went out of business, and Price Chopper expanded by moving into its old space. I don’t recall ever eating at Flavorland, as I was only in Glenville until age 11 and rarely got to eat even at Friendly’s. I’ve also read about another Flavorland near Niskayuna High School. I think that the whole Flavorland chain is gone now, and now I’ve heard that the Friendly’s in Glenville has closed. Too bad! I love getting the Watermelon Sherbet Cooler/Slam when I visit.

  2. Carl

    Yes, that was one Flavorland. I think there at least one other, in Rotterdam, and for a while the restaurant portion of Ripps Pharmacy in the village of Scotia also was a Flavorland. I think you’re right about Niskayuna, too. Flavorland and Friendly’s were almost indistinguishable at the time, and in fact I think the Flavorland in Rotterdam became a Friendly’s. Friendly’s had a major contraction about two years ago, and I think at last count there were only five left in the Capital District, but they do still exist!.

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