Get up, run, work, play with girls, sleep, repeat….

It always happens around this time of year, and this year it’s hitting me worse than usual because there’s been so much rain. I feel like I should be enjoying every possible moment of sunlight during these longest days of the year. I’m catching the early part if I get out of bed and run (and it’s amazing, 5:10 and it’s light out), and we’ve been dragging out the evenings a little bit with bike rides around the lake and such, but then it’s really time to get the girls into bed at 8, and by the time all that’s done it’s getting too dark to sit on the porch and read, and I feel like I’ve missed the summer evening. Summer evenings are not to be missed. The Fourth of July will come and I’ll feel like the summer’s half over, the days are shortening, and where have I been? Inside hiding from the rain, mostly, but that’s no comfort. I need to see some fireflies. Cigarettes and Red Vines . . . .

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