Ghost sign to be

Ghost sign to be, originally uploaded by carljohnson.

This not-very-faded but definitely peeling image of a cyclist has been around at least since the 1980s; I’m pretty sure it was there when I moved to Albany at the end of the decade. I always thought it was a cool mural, even before my revived interest (read: absolute addiction) to cycling. it’s on the wall of a building at Henry Johnson Boulevard and Washington Avenue that currently houses the Tru Images barber shop; perhaps there was a bike shop there once before, but memory fails me. I was pleased and surprised to happen across the mural recently and find that it was still there. The style actually suggests the ’70s to me, and I’d love to know if anyone remembers when or why it was painted. The bike is oddly specific — it’s a Colnago, easily identifiable by the cloverleaf logo.

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