If only life came with upgrades

Well, it does of course, in a way, and I shouldn’t wish that anyway since upgrades are a major pain in the ass. Spent the evening upgrading to Photoshop 7, and then upgrading the scanner plug-in, then finding that the scanner plug-in won’t take my serial number so I can’t use the scanner plug-in, and so on, and so on. If OS X weren’t so very very vastly superior to all that has come before it, I would never have bothered. But it is. Before it came out, many of us were screaming, “But they left out {favorite function here}! How can I possibly {something} without {favorite function}? What is Steve Jobs thinking?” Turns out he was thinking, let’s give them an OS that is almost totally stable, where everything you need to run all your hardware doesn’t conflict with what you need to run all your other hardware, where you can plug and unplug things without rebooting the entire machine, and which will be so advanced in its graphics that working on a Windows machine is like using a magic slate.
Mercifully, Photoshop still works pretty much the same, just a bunch of new features. Started playing with plug-ins to get some new photos together for a new frame I bought. Wacky plug-in fun, but it does make the pictures just a touch more interesting. It’ll be nice when I can scan again (of course, Epson’s support for its own scanner is, shall we say, nonexistent? Well, no, they did give an unsupported beta, which is more than I can say for the large-format inkjet printer now sitting on the scrap pile. Got a new HP Deskjet 990C, and although it only goes up to 8.5×11, it’s a VASTLY SUPERIOR printer. Of course, the Epson was five years old, which caught me by surprise, I thought we had just gotten it.
Came downstairs this morning to hear Hannah singing, “We gotta get out of this place! If it’s the last thing we ever do!” So the old songs do catch on….

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