Lazy, tired, or both

Meaning I didn’t get up for my run this morning, though I couldn’t quite get back to sleep, either. Hoping I’ll get out for a lunchtime run.
Not having my computer for more than a week really really sucks. There are pictures to scan and Photoshop, CDs to burn, etc., etc., and none of it is getting done. In fact, if my plan for recovering my hard drive fails, I’ve lost a lot of recent work because I hadn’t backed it all up. So shame on me. But I had backed most of it up, so good for me. On top of it all, the ice cream stand closed early last night, so when I had finished with the grocery shopping I hadn’t wanted to do and paid overdue fees on the videos from the weekend, there was no peanut-butter-cup Flurry waiting for me.
Jen Sincero’s “Don’t Sleep With Your Drummer” is a total hoot. Now that I’m done with it, I’ve got the new book of Richard Russo stories to read while I wait through swim lessons and ballet class tomorrow. I wish I had an iBook, so I could do some of my work while sitting on my ass on hard floors waiting for my daughters, but I can’t quite justify it. My actual need is for a new bike. A fast bike. A lightweight bike. Perhaps a Bianchi Strada?

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