Mark Wood is coming! Mark Wood is coming!

Can’t believe it’s this soon, but in just a few weeks, Mark Wood, the original lead violinist of the fabled Trans-Siberian Orchestra, will be leading the students of the Columbia High School strings program in a two-day workshop, “Electrify Your Strings.” The students of this already excellent program will be electrifying, pumping up the sound, getting up out of their seats (except the cellists, and maybe even them), and having a good time. At the end of the workshop, Mark Wood and the students will give a concert that is open to the public and highly anticipated. If you’re in the Albany area and at all into strings, you really won’t want to miss this unique opportunity to see one of the leading crossover artists of the day, working with the crossover artists of the future.

It’s Saturday, March 6, at Columbia High School. Need tickets? Go here.

Want to see and hear the orchestra in previous performance and rehearsal? Go here.

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