Rinse, repeat

Exhausted. Not running, and I’ve got a race next week I’d like to do well in. But with all the stuff that has to get done at home, I’m not getting to sleep any too early, so I can’t get up in the mornings. Just not pushing myself hard enough to do it. Girls have been sick, so there are the middle of the night coughing spells. Lee needed help with the computer, which kept me up until midnight last night (Suitcase problems, which I didn’t resolve but was able to kluge around). I had wanted to go see Richard Russo at the Writers Institute last night, but of course I couldn’t because Hannah had a Girl Scout meeting and ceremony, and I had this computer problem hanging over my head. So that’s twice I’ve missed him. Oh well. Not important, just something I would have liked to have done.
I want my new bicycle so badly….
Tonight, Hannah’s ballet class. Trying to sneak in a run, either then or earlier in the day. Going to pour tomorrow and probably into Saturday. Must. Train. But it turns out my little bike loop I did on Sunday was a healthy 16 miles, so I felt good about that. Aerobically, I’m in the best shape of my life. That run, even with all the uphills, didn’t leave me winded or even a little bit sore. Not bad.

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