Sometimes, I’ve just gotta note the search requests, weird or not. I’m getting my usual slew of “Amanda Congdon’s breasts” and “Kirsten Gum” hits — Amanda’s apparently off Rocketboom (which leaves them with, what?) and Kirsten has a surprisingly low profile, so I get a lot of pointless hits from that. But I got one yesterday for “JB’s Theatre Hooters Squeeze,” which is interesting — some time back I put The Hooters as one one of the top three worst opening acts I’ve seen (I never, ever, got their appeal). But that was absolutely a fantastic Squeeze show, way back when.

Also got a hit for “swimsuit water extractor quiet.” Makes you wonder if someone’s shopping for one, or just trying to make one a little less noisy? Odd. Lots of hits for “Floyd Landis Amish” or “Floyd Landis Mennonite;” none yet for “Floyd Landis hip replacement,” though it’s just a matter of time. (Floyd sailed into the yellow jersey in a great ride up Alpe d’Huez yesterday, by the way. Unless Perreiro can tough it out, or there’s a surprise in the final time trial, the ’06 Tour is Floyd’s.)

Also got one for “copperas pond swim skinny.” Highly recommended. But you may want a really warm towel when you get out.

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