Suddenly this summer

This was supposed to have been the summer of very long bike rides, more frequent canoeing, and family rides to the ice cream stand. It was also to be the Summer When Grass Finally Grew in the backyard, thanks to the removal of two ancient, dying, sun-blocking spruces and a menage of other leafy tall stuff back there, and perhaps a more bug-free existence that would permit the return of the hammock. What it has turned out to be is the summer of extreme rain, now extreme heat, lots of Buffy episodes watched in front of our sole air conditioner, and while the grass is growing, the bugs are quite happy with all the rain and have happily set up the hammock for us, hoping to lure us out there. I’m not even opening the door.

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  1. Anonymous

    I hear you, Carl. I’m the guy whose family has the tree-service in Schodack.Was forced to take down our own dangerously close, and big, maple three weeks ago. A storm blew across the river nad snapped a nasty widow-maker over my garage as I worked in it.Sun where it’s never been before in the yard, watching the grass grow, and also wondering, “What have I done?”Feeel like I’ve committed a crime against nature, or, at the very least, community; the whole neighborhood looks different. It had to go though.Can’t tell you how many times I’ve held the hand of customers, to soothe their like feelings and assure them they’ve made the right decision, but it’s very different in one’s own backyard.Much not getting done with this wacky weather. There’s trim to be painted, and brick foundation to be pointed and tucked, but hard to get going in the present climate.Thought I’d touch base again, and let you know we’re still out here, and remind you of how great I think this site is.Chin up, and best regards,John

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