They all love Phloyd now

Eighty hits yesterday, all looking for some kind of Floyd Landis information — now that he’s won the Tour. As much as I was disappointed for Discovery Channel, which proved that a team really needs a leader, I was thrilled for Floyd Landis (and Axel Mercx, who did so much to help) and the Phonak team. It was weird riding around on Friday in my three-year-old Phonak jersey and having people recognize it — in the past, all I’ve ever gotten were comments about Tyler Hamilton (in fact, I bought it when Tyler was still in the clear, but I bought it mainly because it was my favorite pro team jersey design).

If you didn’t get to see the Tour, there’s a one hour recap this coming Sunday on OLN that will be able to give you the broad strokes — the biggest comeback(s) in Tour history with Floyd and Oscar Pereiro both recovering from amazing deficits, the kind they always say you can’t recover from. All this and a titanium hip.

Of course, tucked into the hits for Floyd (including “Floyd Landis genealogy,” “Floyd Landis rebel parents” and “Phonak doping scandal”) was one for “Kirsten Gum where are you now” — I believe the answer is competing in a Primal Quest race, and of course still several for “Amanda Congdon’s breasts.” Some of you people are really low. You probably watch the Tour just for the podium girls.

2 thoughts on “They all love Phloyd now

  1. Anonymous

    please ‘splain something to me.why don’t they race the last day?if i was within striking distance of the lead you can bet your a** that i would go out and try as hard as possible to win.if i’m not mistaken i think greg lamont won it once on the last daynot sure i’ve slept since then.

  2. Carl

    1) Tradition.2) They’re very tired.Actually, Phonak were very much on the lookout for Pereiro to jump into a breakaway, but with that much time to get back, they simply wouldn’t have allowed it — they’d have jumped right on him. For the last couple of years, the green jersey (sprint points) has been decided in Paris, which has made for some exciting finishes. This year nothing was up for grabs, but Thor Hushovd had to make a final point against Robbie McEwen and beat him out at the line after several previous failed attempts.

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