Life in the land of the broken-armed continues. Caught the younger one riding no-handed on the bike path yesterday and viciously invoked the NO INJURIES!!! policy, which is in full effect for the foreseeable future. She who has been riding a two-wheeler for all of three weeks now. But she IS very good at it.One day she can’t ride a bike, the next day she can, and the day after that she can get started all by herself. Go figure.
Things are easing up a little bit, but I spent at least part of the elementary school welcome back picnic on Friday afternoon negotiating a bill over a cell phone, which makes me officially an asshole. At least for those few minutes. What choice did I have? Hey, I didn’t place the call, pal! Lee had a little less pain and some more mobility this weekend, but wasn’t up for anything involving crowds of people who might bump into her shoulder and cause her to scream, so we skipped the tugboat festival. Yesterday we went out to Niskayuna and hit the bike path, I skated and the girls rode, we probably got in 4 or 5 miles, which isn’t bad. I want to get Hannah up to the Lake George / Glens Falls trail (so that I can go), but she’ll have to be up for about 14 miles if we’re going to do half the stretch. It’s been my favorite skate the last couple of years, but with The Summer Without Days Off, I have been unable to go this year. If I get her her own Camelbak, she’ll do it. Plus, I’ll buy her ice cream once we get to Lake George.
Still recovering my Mac from a deadly hard drive crash. What drudgery. Didn’t lose much, but I did lose my fireworks pics from the opening of the Hudson River Way, which were excellent. May still get them back.

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