What’s In My Ears

The music is amazing these days, and right now I’m listening to a mix of power pop from local talent, old melancholy wisdom, and some straight up rocking:

Cliff Hillis

From local tunesmith Cliff Hillis, his new single (released on 45 rpm vinyl). This is the kind of music I wasn’t sure anyone wrote anymore.

Even catchier is his “The Buddha’s Belly” – “Everybody wants to rub the Buddha’s belly / But no one is scratching the Buddha’s back.”

And then there’s this bit of dreamy sweetness whose video seems to feature half the people in my town: “Dashboard.”

John Faye

With or without “Those Meddling Kids,” John Faye is terrific. “Church and State” is edgy pop.

Then there’s the slightly darker “Meddling Kids.”

“Into Philadelphia.” The catchiness is insane.

Peter Wolf

Loving the new Peter Wolf album from top to bottom, and this is one of the reasons why.

And I never get tired of watching this backstage rehearsal of “Tragedy.”

Veruca Salt

The new Veruca Salt album, “Ghost Notes,” is simply incredible. This is not a reunion album. This is possibly their best material ever. “Eyes On You” is urgent, forceful, plaintive . . . things you don’t hear in popular music these days.

“Laughing in the Sugar Bowl” is quite simply how you make a rock song. Get in, rock like mad, get out. Loud fast fun all the way through.

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