Wood rosin market

Considering that I haven’t publicized this thing hardly at all, just to a few friends, a surprising number of people have stumbled upon it. I’ve never been quick enough to even spot my own blog in the “recent updates” on Blogger, but apparently others have, because I do get referrals from it. But my favorite so far is that this blog got googled for the terms “wood rosin market.” And amazingly enough, I actually did use the words “wood rosin” in a post (“glycerol ester of wood rosin,” in fact). So now I’m going to pump up the chances of getting it again. For all I know, people do searches on the wood rosin market every day. There could be futures trading on this that I don’t even know about, perhaps at the Piscataway Board of Trade. Great, now I’m going to show up if somebody searches for Piscataway!
Listen, if I could piscataway . . .
Never mind, it’s the vaudeville in my blood.

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