Xmas is coming! Xmas is coming!

And for once I’m well-situated. I finally found a copy of Marshall Crenshaw’s “Sock it to Me Santa (Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag)” at the end of the last Christmas season — I would swear I had a copy of it somewhere, and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Not on any tape, not on any CD, and yet I knew the song perfectly, so I MUST have owned it. Finally found a copy on a lame compilation disc with some Boyz II Men and Whitney Houston type stuff, but by then I was desperate and I got it used through Amazon, so w.t.f. And, drum roll please . . . I actually ordered my Christmas cards last night. I did NOT have Snapfish mail them for me, though there’s that option, too. Full fold photo cards so that I can write something (I usually do, which is why Christmas cards get out every other year). Should have them in a couple of weeks, maybe even start addressing and writing them this month.

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