Enough with the stats already

It’s like a sickness. It’s like being a TV exec, watching my ratings go up and down and trying to sort out the reasons. I did get googled for “wood rosin” again, which amazes me. Maybe people are just googling it when they see it in their Powerade or some other drink. Fiber, I guess. I also come up to the tippy top of Google if you search for “old college photos”, but whoever dug through them was probably disappointed if they were looking for pictures of a particular college. In fact, what I have on my old college photo site is a mix of college and high school stuff, and most of the “college” photos were taken away from school. I don’t think you could pick out an element of Syracuse University in any of them. Oh, and did I mention that someone got to my blog by googling “nice teenage girl photos”? All that poor person found was a reference to the medical fact that I have the blood pressure of a teenage girl (not to mention the ankles of a 20-year-old).
Finished another photo project last night, or almost finished it — scanning in a couple hundred black and white negatives from about 1977 to 1980 or so. Then I basically quit photography for a good long while (even loaned my camera to my roommate for his semester in Italy), so there’s a gap of a couple of years in my photographic history. Didn’t really start taking photos again until after college. Most of these old b&ws are detritus, and not worth even scanning, but some of the photos have become icons in my life just from having lugged them around for so many years, and I unearthed a number of new photographs of my father that I didn’t even know I had. Scanned them all in, four at a time, cut them up, doctored a number of the better ones in Photoshop (all hail the healing brush), and now they’re all backed up on CD and ready for me to print a few for Christmas gifts. I’ll throw them up on their own website sometime in the next few days and share them. Thank you, Rootsweb/Ancestry, for all that free space. Someday I’m going to end up paying for my own website, but I’ll avoid that for as long as I can. Don’t need to add host problems to my host of problems. I eat up a lot of megs, and as I add more and more photos, it will become a problem.
Decent weekend, though I felt lousy most of the time. Got out for a bike ride on the bike path yesterday, went from Colonie Town Park to Blatnick Park in Niskayuna and back. Flat and a little bit boring on a bike, but I didn’t feel like dealing with traffic or wet leaves, so it was fine. Had I mentioned that I love my new bike?

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