5 thoughts on “Hoxsie!

  1. me!

    I wonder if it’s sorta naughty (hoxsie-totsie) or playfully poisonous (hoxsie-toxie). At face value, it smacks of hoxsie-doodle-doo.
    BTW, thanks for the info re Dolly Park. I’ll have to hit a historical society next time I’m up. Today, I’m enjoying a guilty pleasure for a former girl from Scotia: a “snow day”, with fewer than 6″ on the ground. It smells like brownies!

  2. Carl

    I even know the answer, but prefer to keep an air of mystery, for now. I’m giving serious thought to renaming the whole site “Hoxsie!”

  3. me!

    Air of mystery — I could riff on that for hours.
    Recently, my son’s friend declared himself to be “a mystery, wrapped in an enema”. We didn’t think he knew…

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