Missionary positions

This has been bugging me for months, or perhaps years, but a couple of overly well-dressed, overly pleasant Jehovah’s Witnesses showed up at my door this fall and set me off on a slow burn. When I was younger and stupider, I would actually try to engage these people and get them to understand the ridiculousness of their mission, which attempt was precisely as futile as their mission to bring me the word of the lord. Eventually, I understood this and learned to just say no. Through much experimentation, I have settled on, “I have my own religion and I’m not interested in yours, thank you” and firmly shutting the door. But if I were part of their religion, would I really want to be out signing up people who have not given life, death, and the existence of G(g)od more than a passing thought until the day someone shows up at their door in their convert-the-heathens clothes? Who would want to be part of such a church?
We are faithless. At least, I am. I was raised with a mix of Catholic and Methodist ideas, and despite quite a number of attempts, I never believed in any of it. It’s a bit of a challenge to explain various religious issues and ideas to the girls when we don’t have that simple base of comparison to rely on. We can’t just say, “Well, the Jews believe x, but we believe y.” The best approach I can take is just to inform them as best I can as questions come up, and know that someday they’ll figure out what they believe on their own.
And I’m hoping to God they don’t figure it out because some well-meaning half-wit comes knocking at their door…

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