Snow again, honey

It’s getting to be a lot like Syracuse around here. Okay, not really. In the ‘Cuse, it snows a bit just about every day, and these big dump storms are less frequent. But overall, they get about 120-140 inches of snow a year, and we Albanians get 60-80. When people ask me what it was like to live in Syracuse (in the fireside chat of my mind), I tell them, “You ALWAYS had to brush snow off your car, and your feet were never dry.” The cold, the wind, the 305 non-sunny days a year — all of those I could deal with. But it drove me crazy to brush off the windshield, drive to do a five-minute errand, and have to brush off again. Just picking up the newspapers often required brushing off the windshield (I was driving a Renault with seriously weak heat, so it was rare that snow would just melt off the windshield). And between constant rain and constant snow, living a more urban, walk-around life than I live now, my feet were wet and cold all the time.
Just like they’re going to be this weekend.

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