Tusk, revisited

Let’s face it, any sane band would have just given it up or completely imploded after the ridiculous success of Rumours. It sold a millions of copies, it charted at least four singles (and all the songs on it received some radio play), there wasn’t a bad note on it, and 30 years later it is still a great album. Who would want to follow that?

So Fleetwood Mac had two choices: more of the same (and to some extent, Rumours was already more of the same, a follow-up to the sound of Fleetwood Mac that made people forget the band had even existed in earlier incarnations); or, do whatever the hell you please, and see if people like it. Fleetwood Mac chose that route, along with some of the typical excesses of the ’70s (like including a marching band on the chorus of “Tusk”) — and even then produced an album that would have been considered a huge success for any other band. I heard enough I didn’t love at the time, and was generally allergic to the indulgence and high price of double albums (it was $13.98, when I could buy great used records for $3) that I just gave Tusk a pass. But I remained curious, especially when I heard that David Lowery and Camper Van Beethoven decided to remake the entire album a few years back.

So when I ran across a copy of Tusk at the library the other day, I decided to give this old album a try. And you know what? It doesn’t suck. In fact, it’s pretty good, and a lot of it is very good. So I feel like I owe Mick and John and everybody an apology.

Not to worry, I will not be rethinking any Eagles albums.

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  1. Qaro

    Hi! I read this post last week and listened to the song “Tusk” a couple of times and now I’m getting the album as one of my free cds. So, thanks! Nice blog! (Sorry about your tire.)

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