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Survived the 5k. Liked the course much better than last year’s. Official time was something like 25:05, but I would swear the clock was still in the 24s when I crossed the line. No matter. Shaved a minute and a half off last year’s, stuck to my plan, never seriously thought about dropping out or even slacking back. Still, it’s disheartening when a schlub I know runs for no more than an hour once a week can come in right behind me. Sucks to be genetically challenged. But what a great time. I liked the support and chatter with other runners, the whole atmosphere, and it was a great time. Gonna psych myself up to do the Fiddlers in a few weeks. Plus, my family came and cheered me on at the finish, and that was wonderful. Then we had swim lessons, ballet lessons, lunch, a birthday party. During the party, Lee and I went down to Steiner’s and I got my bike.
I said, I GOT MY BIKE! Love it. Just love it. Fits me perfectly. Had to go with a somewhat softer seat than it was equipped with, but it’s still a bit of a hardtail, so my next pair of bike shorts is going to have to be a little higher tech (read: gel under my ass). I took it out yesterday for a great 22 mile ride through the hills of Luther and Best, all the way out to West Sand Lake, then back in on 43 (too much traffic), and down through Rensselaer (not quite intentionally, but I was trying to get away from the cars). Had to walk up Aiken Avenue, I was just about done with hills then no matter how low this thing cranks. And it cranks quite low. I took every other hill with aplomb. It was warmish, the sun was out, the fall colors were starting, and the ride through the country was just wonderful. Best bike ride of my life. No challenge to my lungs at all. And today I’m not even sore.
But I did have to take a nap yesterday afternoon. I was just beat.
Can’t wait to get it out next weekend!

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