Words and Pictures on a Building

The Troy Waste Manufacturing Company Building has been a major presence on upper River Street since about 1909 (the company is even older). It’s on the National Register of Historic Places, and it appears that (once again) redevelopment plans are in the works. If the building doesn’t get the respect it deserves, perhaps it’s because it literally has a shoddy history. (Apologies if you get the pun; you’re welcome, if you don’t.) If those predicted apartments come to fruition, it’s likely the new owners will wipe every trace of old “No Parking” and “Danger [?] Hoist” signs away, as well as some relatively nice graffiti and stencils of cats. That’s progress, and will keep the building around for another hundred years or so. But still, glad I got these photos before that happens. (Click on a photo, and the slideshow should start.)
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